The truth about Pherazone

pherazone_scamAs you probably know by now, I am definitely not a fan of companies that try to rip people off.

In fact, I have written exposes on a handful of vendors that just take it way too far.

A few months back, I wrote about Pherazone, a company that takes their shilling to the next level… with too much hype, lies, and promises that just aren’t true (and right to your face at that). If that wasn’t bad enough, they’ve even stooped to new lows, and I am on a mission to discredit them every chance I get.

In fact, after thinking about it, I am pretty sure they are the culprits behind the spam my site has gotten over the past couple of months which has been a monumental effort to get rid of.

It’s no surprise, considering this:

Here’s a video I came across recently that just rubbed me the wrong way – again. It’s a fake news report on the product…

Pheromones are powerful, no doubt… but this is straight up scamming people out of their hard earned money. If I can do something about it, I will.

House Of Pheromones has quickly become an authority in the pheromone community, and continues to grow at an outstanding pace… and with this growing platform, it allows me to expose crappy products with lying owners who just won’t stop scamming people.

In fact, they actually had a review from PheromonePro removed, simply because I used their product image. But guess what? Other shill websites that are promoting the product have had their images in tact for over 2 years now… they simply dominate the front page to search results with spam.

Anyway, I don’t want to harp on about this too long – there are a few other products I will be getting to in the near future.

  • PheroJoe

House Of Pheromones Goes Global

house of pheromonesOver the last 2 weeks, I’ve been on a mission to spread the news about House Of Pheromones to people more in the “general” public.

You see, pheromone users make up a fraction of a fraction of the number of people that are interested in these types of products…

The question is why though?

To put it simply, pheromones have just gotten a bad rap over the last decade, with shit vendors like Pherazone, Pherlure, Nexus, and all the rest of these jokers banding together and making up crappy products that only serve to fatten their wallets.

Frankly, it’s just not good enough.

So what exactly have I been doing?

Simply put, I have gone out of my way to spread the news on social platforms like Storify, Jimdo, 500px, Yatedo, Science20, and The purpose behind this is to interact with users of completely different platforms to help them turn on to the idea of pheromones – firstly, by presenting a nice and clean image of what pheromone products can be, and actually are.

For example – what would a “normal” person think if they went to a website about pheromones, and ended up on a page like Pherazone? Not only would they immediately write them off as a load of shit, they would refuse to take anyone talking about pheromones seriously.

There is just not enough time for people to learn about these products and research them, only to end up on fake websites that promote them simply to make commissions off of the products.

That’s why House Of Pheromones is aiming this year to become one of the most sought after resources on the internet regarding pheromone colognes and perfumes. Most of my readers are very clever people – some of them are haters, some are my true fans that came out of this worthy endeaver.

And now it’s time to grow it even further… in the coming few weeks, I expect many readers of my blog to help spread the news, and if you have social profiles on any of these networks to please like and share the message. Pheromones don’t have to be a shady back door kind of thing… it’s because of scam artists that it’s come to this.

House Of Pheromones is going to go very far the rest of this year, and also the coming years as we continue to grow. I’ve also taken the liberty of getting feedback on design platforms like BestCSS, CSSLight, and CSSMix – once they are accepted into these galleries, people can comment and leave feedback. Hopefully, we will be able to improve our user experience over time too as we take all this feedback into consideration.

If you’ve been a reader of House Of Pheromones – I thank you for your patronage and hopefully we can grow this thing together!

Where The House Of Pheromones Is Heading For 2016

houseofpheromonesIf you’re on my list/s, then you know you’ve been getting emails regularly about the happenings at PheromonePro and House Of Pheromones.

There are going to be some serious upgrades this year, and I hope you stick them through with me for the best.

To be quite honest, I never thought that building up a little pheromone site would turn into quite the consuming hobby when I first started.

In fact, it was just a crappy 1 page website with a review on Nude Alpha, that got me started. After a few months of trying to figure out this internet stuff, I started getting comments on the site saying it was a great review, and then I continued adding more content.

After a while, I gained a bit of readership and traction, simply from doing something that I liked doing anyway… a lot of people have tried to discredit me, called me a bullshitter, spam my site.

But here I am, ready for 2016 – and another year of writing, testing, and researching more killer pheromone combos than I can shake a stick at.

Shit, I might even hire out a few trusted testers to help me with content so you can get fresh content regularly.

Anyway, I thought I would post about some of the things I am getting ready to do this year.

Here is just a quick list:

  • More informational pheromone content, and more theoretical posts about my understanding of pheromone technology today. Yes, these will be my thoughts… they might not be scientific, but I have some theories about all sorts of things like why pheromones don’t work for certain people, and why some work for people, while other products work for others, etc.
  • A look into how to create emotional anchors with pheromones and conversion. Yes, I have talked about the “fallout effect” very in depth on the House Of Pheromones site, but I still have not gone into creating content about how to conversate with women on an emotional level. I go into some detail, but there are specifics that will be useful for everyone.
  • More advice on game, how to approach women, and how to develop REAL “inner game” – one that’s not based on hyping yourself up with fake confidence much like the online community seems to think works… no fancy “tricks” to get women to see you as a catch, just raw, primal attraction which you can escalate with these secret tips (not really – it’s actually hard work but definitely doable for every guy).

There’s a lot more, but the next thing I will doing is creating a brand new giveaway which will cover some of the most frequently asked questions I receive on the sites, as well as insanely effective tips for getting women attracted to you quickly.

If you’re not already on the House Of Pheromones list, please head over there and sign up as soon as possible.

Stay tuned,


Aggravation In The Pheromone Community

new pheromone additive reviewOne thing that really annoys me about people is the “crab bucket” programming some people seem to have.

When they feel that others are overtaking them in the game of life, with their financial success, or romantic success, or whatever other else type of success someone might experience.

They come in the form of direct enemies, friends, family members…

You just never know who is secretly rooting for you to fail, while keeping a friendly demeanor to your face.

Last year, I wrote up a review on an Apex product (it was a great product, but I’m not sure if the owner will be making it long term or whether he is just helping out the community at the moment) at pherotruth.

Anyway, out of the blue came “pagodeiro”, a member who I had known for quite a while. I had asked him some pretty basic questions while I was still “green” with my pheromone testing, but as I quickly got the hang of it, I never really contacted him again. Nothing personal, that’s just how it goes… right?

No. Anyway, I forget the dates and timing but I was running pheromone pro at the time — and then he popped up out of NOWHERE and started berating myself, thundr (who owns apex), and claiming I am shilling for him, that we have business arrangements, etc…

This was completely random, uncalled for, and completely untrue. I believe at this point, pago (for short) had become a little bit annoyed that I started my own website. I’m not sure why, my reviews were honest, and quite frankly reflected a lot of what others had said, or later discovered to be true to my own findings. Even today, I continue to review products with great care, and find out all the little details that make them awesome.

I think he thought I was just trying to make a quick buck (which is not possible, considering how much time and effort went into making the website, and afterwards House Of Pheromones)… the amount of money I had made off it was negligible. It barely covered hosting, my time, and effort, and frustration it took to figure out how it works.

After he started going apeshit, I posted a picture of my pheromone collection, pointed out that I was the first to uncover the androstenetrione ingredient that was very likely in the Nude/Nude Alpha formulations, and proved that I was legitimately reviewing the products (note: Liquid Alchemy Labs/Pheromone Perfumes and Colognes now offers a gel version of this product, which I HIGHLY recommend – review coming soon).

Regardless, he carried on like a baby, and got so angry he decided to start pheromone-forum . com (type it in if you want, there’s barely anything worth reading anyway).

About 2 weeks back, someone had posted a link to my website on pheromone forum, which was promptly deleted. The reason? Apparently, House Of Pheromones is a “scam site”… the user had emailed me afterwards asking me whether it was true. I of course replied politely and briefly explained why we had a fallout. Anyway, the guy decided to go back and argue with him some more and even was banned… LOL — another legitimate website. Although it’s mainly for pheromoneXS products, pago decided that it too was a scam, even though they allow free discussion of all vendor products. Even free discussion on vendor policies, like what Androtics Direct has done with A314.

Now, this was over a year after the drama at pherotruth went down. He was still just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

It was kind of annoying, and I wrote an email about it the same day. Basically, he was complaining about several things:

  • That I lied about my age on a few different forums… (yes, I did, because I don’t want exes, current girlfriends, or future girlfriends trying to find out what I’m up to). I don’t like leaving evidence for future employers to find either.
  • That I write “hyped up” reviews which are fake. Umm, no, considering how detailed they are it’s quite hard to come up with a load of shit out of thin air. I have had many very happy users emailing me thanking me for advice and combinations.
  • That I am just trying to make a quick buck. No, if that were true, then I wouldn’t have a huge collection of pheromones, and spend hours upon hours writing quality reviews, only on a handful of great products.
  • That I have no negative reviews. Again, House Of Pheromones is a new website, and content is still underway on all fronts. From informational, to research and technology, to positive and negative pheromone reviews.

That about covers everything I have to say about this guy… quite honestly, I’m stunned that I even bothered, but I feel it’s important to show both side of the story. Some people just don’t like others succeeding, and as you know — these are the kind of people who might be nice to you until you try to leave the “crab bucket”.

Why I don’t believe in Pick Up Artists (PUA)

no pheromone will make this guy attractive if he wasn't a celebrityOne of the things that really “irks” me about the internet is how large the “PUA” or “Pick Up Artist” industry has gotten over the years.

I tend to get a lot of people disagree with me on this topic.

But let me talk about why, and if you disagree, or agree simply reply to this email and let’s talk about it.

Admittedly, I haven’t been into the industry for the last few years, but just out of curiousity I decided to poke around a few PUA sites to see how things have developed over the years.

Frankly, I wasn’t impressed.

There are guys still focusing on minute details of simple social interactions.

Still hung up about the difference in night game and day game, still trying to come up with canned, clever (but unnatural) responses for when they get shit-tested.

The reason why I left it all behind in 2011-2012, was specifically because there were much better ways to communicate.

Even though I was just getting started on my self improvement journey, I knew it was going to cause more problems than it solved…

People who try to program themselves with rigid lines and “techniques” are bound to fail.

Here’s why:

Even if you do come up with smart, flirty responses to questions, statements, shit tests and what have you… eventually there will come a time when you’ve run out of things to say and do.

… and eventually, the REAL you will come out.

So in the end, it doesn’t really matter what lines you learned or what “DHV’s” you have, or “negs” you use, or other social gambits and tricks you have up your sleeve.

PUA is all based on the fear of not being good enough.

Same with unscrupulous pheromone vendors who will promise everything under the sun. Pheromones are a powerful addition, but they will not make you magically more attractive without having any real intrinsic value (explanation below).

Not being smart enough to banter in the moment. Not good looking enough. Not believing that you’re really worthy of the woman in question.

Honestly, I didn’t really like Neil Strauss when I first saw him on a YouTube video. He came off weird and nerdy to me.

… but what really started to bug me is the comment section.

Guys were carrying on, talking about how Jessica Alba (who was on the show), was somehow feeling attracted to him. All she did was participate in his little game and maybe lean slightly closer to him… and these guys were getting riled up about his special “techniques”.

I’ve got a better solution for you.

There are absolutely no scripts, no amount of day game, night game, text game, phone game, bar game, house party game, and whatever other type of “game” there is out there at the moment.

It’s called major, ass hauling self improvement.

Now, I know you’ve received the report that was promised when you first signed up for this link, and I urge you to go ahead and read it if you haven’t already.

It would only take half an hour, but even if you just got 1 useful thing out of a quick read, it would help you immensely if you applied it in your life.

The other thing I recommend doing is getting yourself a bottle of Bad Wolf.

You can check out a bunch of other products from Liquid Alchemy Labs here: , but Bad Wolf is my top pick on the site for a reason.

Since I started using it, I’ve upped my dosage to 3 drops, and I’ve seen MAJOR improvements in…

How I carry myself (even though I already thought I was good before).
How well I communicate (sharper and more articulate)
How much more confident I am in my flirting ability
How much more outspoken, and happier I am as a person because my interpersonal skills, and confidence have reached an entirely new level.

While it may be okay to use as “training wheels” of some sort, i really don’t think having a bag of tricks to resort to is going to get you anywhere long term.

Anyway, if you’re interested and haven’t read it, go check it out here:

Bad Wolf by Liquid Alchemy Labs Review (Wolf’s BADASS Big Bro!)

Now let’s talk about my proposed “solution” to the PUA problem…

By now, you realize that pheromones are only powerful add-ons to who we really are.

They can have amazing self effects that propel you to do things you never dreamed of, like approaching beautiful women and having the confidence to take things further, faster, and with less hesitation.

But that’s only the tip of the ice berg.

That’s also why I highly recommend getting Bad Wolf to accelerate your progress in developing life skills that will help you tremendously.

For example, I’ve used it to:

  • Improve my communication skills, which includes being able to speak more persuasively, confidently express my opinions, and generally make me organize my thoughts better in my head.
  • I have more confidence in who I am, what I’m doing and where my future is headed (peace of mind and a feeling of security).
  • I feel great, because I went from barely being able to talk to women, to becoming one of the best “players” in my social circle (and these guys are awesome).
  • I’ve developed a social circle that further enhances my life, brings me joy, and attracts new and exciting opportunities.

I’m not saying that you NEED bad Wolf to get these benefits.

What I’m saying is that the journey of self improvement is a long, at times tedious process.

… you will feel lonely, demotivated, unsure if you’re on the right track.

There is a very simple 3 step process for doing this:

It starts with what you want you want out of life. If you don’t have clear goals or the future, you will never reach them.

Start today. Right now in fact… if you put it off until tomorrow, you will put it off til next week, next month, next year… never.

Break down each goal, and figure out exactly what you need to do to accomplish them.

Whatever your goals are – whether it’s more success with women, finding friends you can learn off and add value to your life, or reaching higher levels of success in your business or career…

Let me elaborate.

Let’s say one of my main goals is to be able to attract more women.

If I broke my goals down, it would look something like:

  • Be able to flirt effectively and have a sense of humor with women
  • Once I’ve reached that level, I would move to be able to escalate smoothly and naturally.
  • So on and so forth.

It sounds so simple when I break it down like that, but that is how it’s worked for everything you’ve accomplished. Whether you’ve written it down on paper or not.

Sure, pheromones will give you that added boost, and PUA lines and tricks will only get you so far… but what REALLY works is being able to gain the inner self confidence to accomplish your goals.

When you start accomplishing your goals (even if they’re small), you’ll start something called the “flow”… where doors seem to open, and opportunities for everything you want come from out of nowhere (Randy Orton style).

Anyway, we have been doing some research on cosmetic ingredients, check out these articles:

We will be making more regular posts on this blog, because it is a great way to put “rough” ideas about pheromones, general day to day issues, and other entertaining stuff out there without cluttering up the main site.

Of course, our focus is still pheromone products… but using them entails a bunch of other stuff like pick up artists, game, and general life skills.

EXCLUSIVE: Impi Red by LaCroy Review Is LIVE…

img_0399Several years ago (2012-2013), Love Scent started selling a product named “Impi Red”. It was known as a true “heavy hitter” in terms of attraction and self effects.

… and people all over the interwebs were raving about it.

Unfortunately, the supplier had managed to alter the formula, and render it a much less effective version than the one people wanted…

Until earlier this year…

I almost forgot to write a review on it, because I had used it and become so busy setting up the new House Of Pheromones website.

I was fortunate enough to find my bottle lodged in between some folders while clearing out my contents. I think I was trying to hide the bottle from a girl that was over and completely forgot about it… anyway, I also dug into my files and found some research notes on it.

I tested the bottle over the last 2 weeks, and wrote up a preliminary review, which is available at Love Scent

I know, you are used to much longer reviews. However, I was writing for a less “fanatical” userbase, who only use pheromones on a casual basis… I don’t think the majority of their users are hardcore testers like the HOP readers are :).

In the near future, expect a much more detailed review on the product. I cover many of the main bases of Impi Red on the Love Scent blog, however there is much more to learn about the product. I could go into a lot of detail due to the reasons above (more “normal” pheromone users)…

Anyway, we have been trying to expand into a more informational website, as well as have more reviews on popular, as well as unpopular products.

We are looking for writers who have experience using pheromones, can write well and with personality, and also have a reputation as solid testers in the pheromone community. We are not in a hurry to find the first available person – this is a collective effort to help contribute to a growing and high  quality resource: House Of Pheromones.

Here are a few samples of what we might expect:

Is A314 by Androtics Direct Still Worth It?

a314.jpgAfter a long write up of my overall Androtics Direct review (at House of Pheromones), most people know my stance on the company.

They are not to be trusted, and there are far better products on the market for the outrageous prices AD charges. 

Especially for products that had their prices more than DOUBLE overnight — when the core ingredients of those products (Instant Honesty and Instant Openness) have remained the same price for other suppliers.

… they claim that they have special molecules, which of course, has been debunked numerous times.

However, there is a lot of disagreement about whether A314 (Alpha a314) still works or not.

For me, it’s a no. Let me first clarify what I mean before we carry on though… a314 DOES work. 

Just NOWHERE near as well as it did about 3 years ago.

I am not going to go in depth on the whole rev31 saga (that’s available on the link above), but in a nutshell:

  • Androtics changed the formula – it became harsh, intimidating, and very “stiff”. The old A314 was alpha, and attractive… but it had boatloads of charisma and powerful self effects to help you drive it effectively.
  • Rev31 was released. I noticed it was complete trash from the first drop. It smelled weird, the effects were way off from what I had become accustomed to, and made complaints to the pherotalk board. Other members also started complaining that it was nowhere near as good as previous revisions.
  • Androtics continued to deny that the formula had changed. Eventually, they came out about the truth and gave everyone excuses as to what happened. They ranged from “oils are natural compounds and deteriorate quickly”, to the formulator misreading a sign, to people simply bandwagoning on my initial observations.
  • They eventually started offering an “exchange” program for people who wanted the new rev32. I did have new bottles sent to me, but it was still absolute garbage – it was a fraction better than rev31, but not as good as the revisions I had (rev19-rev22).

So does Alpha A314,  rev32 onwards work?

I did put rev32 to work almost immediately after I received my replacement. Unfortunately, it was still a dud in my eyes… I have chatted with diehard a314 fans and they all tell me the same thing – it’s best with other products.

In the past, A314 was an absolute monster pheromone product that blew everything currently on the market away. It’s unfortunate that it has now become a shadow of it’s once glorious past.

Of course, there are always going to be Androtics shills scouring the internet to try and sell more garbage, overpriced products. I can only hope but warn future buyers – do NOT buy A314. Instead, check out the House Of Pheromones site and choose a product from a vendor that knows what they’re talking about.

Can Pheromones Influence Your Attractiveness?

NudeMensLarge(Article by Phil Herb, newbie to pheromone world): Lately, there has been a growing buzz around something called “pheromone colognes”. While it’s not a new concept (it’s actually been around since the early 90’s), pheromones have gotten a reputation for being snake oil, scams, and “woo woo” quackery. Why? Many vendors actually promise that pheromone colognes will get women to see you as more attractive, more alpha, and more social.

There’s no denying that the growing growing popularity of these products also means that people may actually be seeing results with them. We decided to do a little browsing and had our male friends try some products and see if they actually worked or not.

But first, let’s talk about the science behind pheromones.

Pheromones are natural – we produce them in our skin when we perspirate. People often perceive the scent of others, as subconscious “signals” or chemical messengers of what that person may be like. We might perceive whether they are threatening, sociable, high or low status, etc. I believe this is why we get “vibes” off people that may be good, bad, or everything in between. It could possibly be why our connections with others is actually called “chemistry”.

So let’s talk about the actual products.

We did some research and found some reputable websites, dedicated to research on pheromones. We checked out DiscoverXS and decided to order products from PXS, Liquid Alchemy Labs and Alpha Dream. Now, we were all skeptical about the potential results from these products, but decided to give it a shot anyway.

We did do our research while waiting, and it turns out that there are scientific studies that confirm several of the findings of pheromone users. Women have real physiological effects when exposed to pheromones such as androstadienone, and androstenone (raised cortisol levels, finding men 10% more attractive). However, the formula we ordered are far more complex than just using 1-2 pheromones that were common in early iterations of the products. That may also have ben the reason they were given a bad rep as mentioned earlier. The technology has advanced immensely over the last few years.

Once the products arrived, we decided to do a test run.

Alpha Dream claims that their product, Alfa Maschio is a “bad boy” formula, which will make women see you as far more attractive and “superior” to them. We spritzed the male test subject and sent him into the wild, where his testing on women ensued. We say ensued, because in his reports there was SIGNIFICANT difference to when he wore the pheromones to when he did not.

He said he also felt much more “alpha”, which was probably due to several ingredients in the product which are known for those effects. Women also perceive the wearer as dominant, more attractive, and more “smooth”. Jonathan also claimed that women were intimidated, but once he behaved more sociable around them their attraction to him was far above the normal interaction where women might be friendly, but clearly not interested in dating or anything else.

Needless to say, we were intrigued. There are several products for women available from the vendors we ordered from, which will be tested in the near future.

We are going to keep a close eye on the development of pheromone technology. If you too are interested we recommend checking out the House Of Pheromones official website and checking out some of the top picks, we have found them a reliable website with no crazy claims.

Thank you for reading.

– Phil Herb