Can pheromones change women’s perception of you?

top pheromone productsApart from pheromone products specifically designed for this purpose, the most serious part of this question is answered by looking to YOURSELF.

Withdrawing, and analyzing who you really are and what you want out of life.

The part about building foundations for your life, finding hobbies, and developing magnetism etc…

The second part, is a bit more “strategic” depending on your situation.

Sometimes you meet a woman, hit if off great, and then they act like they don’t even know you days later.

Their emotions changed in the mean time.

If you want to re-ignite the spark, you need to bring up the energy.

Talk about a shared experience (even if it was mundane – it creates familiarity).

And then dig deeper into emotional things…

A quote I live by for my conversations with people, and especially women is this:

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and throw rocks at
their enemies”

Once you start weaving these concepts into your conversation, you will become skilled at the art of building up “emotions” with women.

And even though this post was about women, it can apply to all your interactions with people in your life. Pheromones are powerful tools that can help shape the “image” you want to create for yourself. Some of the best pheromones for men ( specifically designed for this purpose. Some pheromones just give you an “upper hand”, while other create vastly unique personal interactions by changing how people perceive you.

While most guys carry on about how great their job is, or try to talk to women about things they don’t actually care about…

You will be that one guy who they can have a laugh with, share deep conversation, and feel appreciated by.

Women will slowly begin to unravel, and they will inevitably develop a bond with you. This is how normal friendships are formed.

This is exactly how you can turn a no into a yes. There IS, however something you must do immediately to avoid making it a purely platonic friendship.

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Why Pheromones Don’t Work For You

BadWolfLargeOne thing that bugs me about guys who occasionally buy pheromones, is that they always tend to look for the next “big thing”.

They never take a critical look at themselves, and suspect their pheromones or combination wasn’t powerful enough, had too much this, too little that.

I think it comes down to 1 thing:

It’s called laziness.

My pops always told me that “charity begins in the home”.

That’s another way of saying how you do one thing, is how it will translate to other things… in fact, this has been one of the most “true” statements I have ever known about.

It’s advice that always sticks in the back of my head as I go about my day, do productive things, and in general when I am trying to improve my life.

So why am I telling you this?

It seems to me lately, that the questions I get on a day to day basis regarding pheromones have VERY basic solutions.

Some guys think if they just had the “right” pheromone combo, then a specific girl will like them back. If they just “say the right thing” or “do something cool” then they can spark the attraction of a woman.

But for most of these guys… it NEVER happens.

Maybe the girl will have a moment of clarity, and see the guy as someone so incredible that they can’t live without you. But it will only be for a fleeting moment.

Winning a girl over permanently – or on a “temporary” basis if that’s your thing only happens to very few guys in the grand scheme of things.

So what’s the difference between guys who win girls over, versus guys who don’t?

Here are some major keys that separate successful guys from unsuccesful.

Having your own life full of passion, love, healthy friendships.

Working on yourself. Improve your social skills, charisma, flirting, confidence, and other interpersonal skills to help you navigate through life.

Being a “go getter” – be an entrepreneur, or have professional career/business aspirations and strive to achieve them.

Now I know what you’re thinking… what does any of that have to do with getting girls?

Like I said before – how you do one thing, is how you do other things.

That means if you’re lazy, it will show up in the way you communicate, at your workplace, in your group of friends, and how other people see you. It’s NOT attractive behavior.

But if you’re a go getter, it means you go after what you want in life, you have passions/skills, great friendships that improve you as a person… then how will other people see you? Attractive.

That’s how you start the journey to becoming a “magnetic” kind of person that gets women most guys can only dream of getting.

So can pheromone products really help you if you’re not at the “ideal” place you want to be?

Of course!

But you should also remember that what you feel and believe on the inside, often translates to how people percieve you on the “outside” too.

Pheromones can change that, but always keep working on yourself and give yourself credit.

PheromoneXS combination tests (XiSt)

xist 105a pheromonexs reviewI have been testing out my XiSt by PheromoneXS + Bad Wolf by Liquid Alchemy Labs combo and been having some outstanding results with it.

Namely, a girl who previously rejected me, being attracted to me again, then completely blowing me off… then coming back for more!

It was a very interesting series of events nonetheless. But what really makes this combo POP is the XiSt – I know I’ve written about this magical pheromone sorcery quite a few times, but that’s only because its one of the most blatantly effective products I’ve ever used (read the full original review here).

And guess what? I’m about to write a bit more about it, because I wrote that review quite a while ago and will have to update it soon.

I also got quite a few emails asking about the difference between the oil and spray versions which I will answer below.

So… which is better? Oil XiSt or Spray XiSt?

I wrote a bit more here about the difference between oils and sprays:

IMO, the oil version wins every time. I don’t know exactly why this is, but it is an absolute powerhouse for generating romantic feelings and interest towards the wearer.

I personally think that while the oil diffuses slower than the spray version, the pherocloud is MUCH thicker than a usual spray. Spray versions might hit hard faster, but it can often be perceived by others as very striking, intimidating, and simply cause confusion)

This is apparent even when I used EvolveXS – I had little luck with the spray, but the oil was much better suited to me and is on the same level as Alfa Maschio.

Which bring me to my next point… EvolveXS + XiSt is the PERFECT combo for closing…

Go ahead and read the review for EvolveXS while you’re on the site… and pick up the combo if you need it. I highly recommend getting them both in oil versions because they suit eachother perfectly.

EvolveXS contains some social ‘mones to help make it easier to comfort, as well as create attraction at the same time. XiSt doesn’t have the same molecules so there is very little overlap between the products – they fit eachother like a glove.

The effects of both products combined create a sort of “electric” atmosphere of fun, attraction, and connection. While they can both accomplish this by themselves, the combo takes it to the next level. You’re just going to have to try it to know what I mean. It’s the perfect combination to slowly but surely close the deal with a one night stand, and also continue a romantic relationship if you want to.

2 drops of each product is the best dose for me personally.

XiSt + LoveBoat is also a fantastic combo for creating romantic feelings faster.

LoveBoat was originally designed by a user named “Dancing Joker” quite a few years ago, for another company which won’t be named. If you’ve been around this community long enough, you know not to trust them anymore… for whatever reason, they decided to discontinue this outstanding product. It was then revived again by SteveO (owner of PXS).

It is a social type of product, but with a twist…

LoveBoat is one of those products that break down social barriers and allows people to be themselves. In my usage, I’ve seen it as somewhat of an extreme comfort/attraction type product – it makes flirting fun, and also create emotions of affection towards the wearer. I also believe it has some beautifying properties, which makes the wearer appear more attractive.

But more importantly… it is a product that was well known to enhance and amplify the friendzone busting properties of XiSt. It simply turbocharges the whole point of using XiSt. I am going to write about this more tomorrow, but I highly recommend checking it out – if you’re gonna order stuff from PXS get a bottle of this too.

I haven’t comprehensively reviewed Love Boat yet, but check the product page out here – it’s accurate to what I have personally seen with it.

And the ultimate girlfriend getting combo… XiSt + EvolveXS + LoveBoat…

This combo was made by other users, and I personally thought it was going to be way too heavy to actually do anything. However, it’s been about a year since I wrote reviews on the first 2 core products, and I have upgraded my skills dramatically.

And there was one girl in particular I really wanted – this combo pulled her like a bee to honey. There is so much to write, but only so much time I have, so I will save the finer details for later. However, to cut a long story short, Evolve hit her perfectly, then I added XiSt, and then on the 3rd date I added LoveBoat to deepen our connection faster and break down any walls she had left about being with me.

It worked like an absolute charm, and she is still my current girlfriend. This is THE combo for getting a woman into you in as fast a time as possible.

Now some might have questions about where Nude Alpha fits into this equation, but that’s for another day. Just know that this is a powerhouse, and if you need something to work fast I would highly recommend picking up all three.