Welcome to the House Of Pheromones.

This blog is actually a “satellite” website, designed to highlight some of the research that goes into pheromone products, and provide an inside angle on how they actually work. The official site is more geared towards advanced pheromone users who are experienced with how they work already, while this site gives more general information and research.

I got by Phero Joe online, and prefer to keep my real identity under wraps – why? Because these days, it’s so easy to leave a digital trail and for employers, girlfriends, women you are seeing… family… to find your online activities.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean the information is any less valuable.

Pheromone products are still a sketchy idea for most of the civilized world, but as they gain more momentum online and in the mainstream, they will slowly become more “socially acceptable”.

Currently, they still make for interesting dinner table topics, and the “giggles” among friends when you tell them you actually tried them to see if they work. At the official website, there is a ton of research -scientific, as well as anecdotal stories from hundreds of users who have actually tried them and had success.

If you’re still on the fence about whether pheromones are for you, we highly recommend visiting houseofpheromones.com to read and choose products you might like. Remember, all the products and vendors are handpicked from dozens available online to give you the BEST products for your money.

Vendors such as Alpha Dream, Liquid Alchemy Labs, PheromoneXS, Hax Pheromones and others all offer a money back guarantee – which means there is absolutely no risk to giving them a try. You can get your money back, no questions asked!

Take them for a risk free trial today and change your life for the better. 

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