The world of dating & beauty catches on to pheromones… end of our “secret” underground world?

pheromonesOver the last few months, pheromones seem to be becoming a more popular topic of discussion, and surprisingly doesn’t seem as “frowned upon” as more people become aware of them…

… I suppose there are simply much bigger issues happening in the world, that it just seems like a ridiculous idea or some funny shit that most people will never ACTUALLY put to the test. Pheromone perfumes and colognes are just something that “weird” people talk about.

Anyway, I think the emergence of pheromone vending machines probably have something to do with it… whenever I bring up pheromones, I always talk about it from the point of a curious person, who saw a vending machine with “pheromone colognes” written on it. I then purchased it, and tried to talk to various women, and that’s where I “realize” that they work. Now, most men have been in this situation before, and its not as creepy as saying that you buy these types of products off the internet and spend a lot of money on them.

But another reason could be that pheromones are just becoming a hot topic in general in world of dating and “beauty” for women. Some beauty blogs have tested pheromones, and even mentioned House Of Pheromones as an inspiration for kicking off their curiosity, which just shows how popular its become outside of the relatively small world of pheromone enthusiasts.

… but it doesn’t stop there either – we’ve even been mentioned on websites such as LifeHack, and — both are huge in the world of news and keeping updated on world events. WORLD events!

Anyway, just wanted to make this quick post for some opinions… what are your thoughts? Would you like pheromones to become a popular item for attracting men or women… or is it something you prefer to keep private, and maintain the upper hand in dating and life?

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Joe Masters is a researcher, writer, and enthusiast in the small but intriguing world of pheromones. Over the last few years, he has been writing a blog called House Of Pheromones and advises men on relationships, dating, and self improvement. If you are interested in learning more, please visit

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