Aggravation In The Pheromone Community

new pheromone additive reviewOne thing that really annoys me about people is the “crab bucket” programming some people seem to have.

When they feel that others are overtaking them in the game of life, with their financial success, or romantic success, or whatever other else type of success someone might experience.

They come in the form of direct enemies, friends, family members…

You just never know who is secretly rooting for you to fail, while keeping a friendly demeanor to your face.

Last year, I wrote up a review on an Apex product (it was a great product, but I’m not sure if the owner will be making it long term or whether he is just helping out the community at the moment) at pherotruth.

Anyway, out of the blue came “pagodeiro”, a member who I had known for quite a while. I had asked him some pretty basic questions while I was still “green” with my pheromone testing, but as I quickly got the hang of it, I never really contacted him again. Nothing personal, that’s just how it goes… right?

No. Anyway, I forget the dates and timing but I was running pheromone pro at the time — and then he popped up out of NOWHERE and started berating myself, thundr (who owns apex), and claiming I am shilling for him, that we have business arrangements, etc…

This was completely random, uncalled for, and completely untrue. I believe at this point, pago (for short) had become a little bit annoyed that I started my own website. I’m not sure why, my reviews were honest, and quite frankly reflected a lot of what others had said, or later discovered to be true to my own findings. Even today, I continue to review products with great care, and find out all the little details that make them awesome.

I think he thought I was just trying to make a quick buck (which is not possible, considering how much time and effort went into making the website, and afterwards House Of Pheromones)… the amount of money I had made off it was negligible. It barely covered hosting, my time, and effort, and frustration it took to figure out how it works.

After he started going apeshit, I posted a picture of my pheromone collection, pointed out that I was the first to uncover the androstenetrione ingredient that was very likely in the Nude/Nude Alpha formulations, and proved that I was legitimately reviewing the products (note: Liquid Alchemy Labs/Pheromone Perfumes and Colognes now offers a gel version of this product, which I HIGHLY recommend – review coming soon).

Regardless, he carried on like a baby, and got so angry he decided to start pheromone-forum . com (type it in if you want, there’s barely anything worth reading anyway).

About 2 weeks back, someone had posted a link to my website on pheromone forum, which was promptly deleted. The reason? Apparently, House Of Pheromones is a “scam site”… the user had emailed me afterwards asking me whether it was true. I of course replied politely and briefly explained why we had a fallout. Anyway, the guy decided to go back and argue with him some more and even was banned… LOL — another legitimate website. Although it’s mainly for pheromoneXS products, pago decided that it too was a scam, even though they allow free discussion of all vendor products. Even free discussion on vendor policies, like what Androtics Direct has done with A314.

Now, this was over a year after the drama at pherotruth went down. He was still just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

It was kind of annoying, and I wrote an email about it the same day. Basically, he was complaining about several things:

  • That I lied about my age on a few different forums… (yes, I did, because I don’t want exes, current girlfriends, or future girlfriends trying to find out what I’m up to). I don’t like leaving evidence for future employers to find either.
  • That I write “hyped up” reviews which are fake. Umm, no, considering how detailed they are it’s quite hard to come up with a load of shit out of thin air. I have had many very happy users emailing me thanking me for advice and combinations.
  • That I am just trying to make a quick buck. No, if that were true, then I wouldn’t have a huge collection of pheromones, and spend hours upon hours writing quality reviews, only on a handful of great products.
  • That I have no negative reviews. Again, House Of Pheromones is a new website, and content is still underway on all fronts. From informational, to research and technology, to positive and negative pheromone reviews.

That about covers everything I have to say about this guy… quite honestly, I’m stunned that I even bothered, but I feel it’s important to show both side of the story. Some people just don’t like others succeeding, and as you know — these are the kind of people who might be nice to you until you try to leave the “crab bucket”.


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Joe Masters is a researcher, writer, and enthusiast in the small but intriguing world of pheromones. Over the last few years, he has been writing a blog called House Of Pheromones and advises men on relationships, dating, and self improvement. If you are interested in learning more, please visit

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