EXCLUSIVE: Impi Red by LaCroy Review Is LIVE…

img_0399Several years ago (2012-2013), Love Scent started selling a product named “Impi Red”. It was known as a true “heavy hitter” in terms of attraction and self effects.

… and people all over the interwebs were raving about it.

Unfortunately, the supplier had managed to alter the formula, and render it a much less effective version than the one people wanted…

Until earlier this year…

I almost forgot to write a review on it, because I had used it and become so busy setting up the new House Of Pheromones website.

I was fortunate enough to find my bottle lodged in between some folders while clearing out my contents. I think I was trying to hide the bottle from a girl that was over and completely forgot about it… anyway, I also dug into my files and found some research notes on it.

I tested the bottle over the last 2 weeks, and wrote up a preliminary review, which is available at Love Scent

I know, you are used to much longer reviews. However, I was writing for a less “fanatical” userbase, who only use pheromones on a casual basis… I don’t think the majority of their users are hardcore testers like the HOP readers are :).

In the near future, expect a much more detailed review on the product. I cover many of the main bases of Impi Red on the Love Scent blog, however there is much more to learn about the product. I could go into a lot of detail due to the reasons above (more “normal” pheromone users)…

Anyway, we have been trying to expand into a more informational website, as well as have more reviews on popular, as well as unpopular products.

We are looking for writers who have experience using pheromones, can write well and with personality, and also have a reputation as solid testers in the pheromone community. We are not in a hurry to find the first available person – this is a collective effort to help contribute to a growing and high  quality resource: House Of Pheromones.

Here are a few samples of what we might expect:


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Joe Masters is a researcher, writer, and enthusiast in the small but intriguing world of pheromones. Over the last few years, he has been writing a blog called House Of Pheromones and advises men on relationships, dating, and self improvement. If you are interested in learning more, please visit https://houseofpheromones.com/

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