Can Pheromones Influence Your Attractiveness?

NudeMensLarge(Article by Phil Herb, newbie to pheromone world): Lately, there has been a growing buzz around something called “pheromone colognes”. While it’s not a new concept (it’s actually been around since the early 90’s), pheromones have gotten a reputation for being snake oil, scams, and “woo woo” quackery. Why? Many vendors actually promise that pheromone colognes will get women to see you as more attractive, more alpha, and more social.

There’s no denying that the growing growing popularity of these products also means that people may actually be seeing results with them. We decided to do a little browsing and had our male friends try some products and see if they actually worked or not.

But first, let’s talk about the science behind pheromones.

Pheromones are natural – we produce them in our skin when we perspirate. People often perceive the scent of others, as subconscious “signals” or chemical messengers of what that person may be like. We might perceive whether they are threatening, sociable, high or low status, etc. I believe this is why we get “vibes” off people that may be good, bad, or everything in between. It could possibly be why our connections with others is actually called “chemistry”.

So let’s talk about the actual products.

We did some research and found some reputable websites, dedicated to research on pheromones. We checked out DiscoverXS and decided to order products from PXS, Liquid Alchemy Labs and Alpha Dream. Now, we were all skeptical about the potential results from these products, but decided to give it a shot anyway.

We did do our research while waiting, and it turns out that there are scientific studies that confirm several of the findings of pheromone users. Women have real physiological effects when exposed to pheromones such as androstadienone, and androstenone (raised cortisol levels, finding men 10% more attractive). However, the formula we ordered are far more complex than just using 1-2 pheromones that were common in early iterations of the products. That may also have ben the reason they were given a bad rep as mentioned earlier. The technology has advanced immensely over the last few years.

Once the products arrived, we decided to do a test run.

Alpha Dream claims that their product, Alfa Maschio is a “bad boy” formula, which will make women see you as far more attractive and “superior” to them. We spritzed the male test subject and sent him into the wild, where his testing on women ensued. We say ensued, because in his reports there was SIGNIFICANT difference to when he wore the pheromones to when he did not.

He said he also felt much more “alpha”, which was probably due to several ingredients in the product which are known for those effects. Women also perceive the wearer as dominant, more attractive, and more “smooth”. Jonathan also claimed that women were intimidated, but once he behaved more sociable around them their attraction to him was far above the normal interaction where women might be friendly, but clearly not interested in dating or anything else.

Needless to say, we were intrigued. There are several products for women available from the vendors we ordered from, which will be tested in the near future.

We are going to keep a close eye on the development of pheromone technology. If you too are interested we recommend checking out the House Of Pheromones official website and checking out some of the top picks, we have found them a reliable website with no crazy claims.

Thank you for reading.

– Phil Herb


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Joe Masters is a researcher, writer, and enthusiast in the small but intriguing world of pheromones. Over the last few years, he has been writing a blog called House Of Pheromones and advises men on relationships, dating, and self improvement. If you are interested in learning more, please visit

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