Pheromone Forums: Before You Join, Read This

pheromone-forumPheromone forums, and forums in general can be fantastic sources for information on just about anything these days.

The internet has opened up an incredible era where users from almost every nook and cranny of the world can chime in with all sorts of information… the question is, how much should rely on them for CREDIBLE sources of information?

I should note here that I am specifically talking about any pheromone forum – not forums related to other things because every community is different.

The reason is that pheromones are extremely subjective – we are all posting about personal experiences, and collectively gathering information to come to conclusions about products.

But where it all seems to go wrong is that BECAUSE of how subjective pheromones are, they are especially prone to (mis)interpretation.

In some cases, I have seen people create waves of misinformation simply by one member posting results that may be extremely positive or extremely negative, and immediately turn off countless other members from trying a certain pheromone molecule or maybe even a product.

This has happened in the past where people didn’t understand the purpose of products like Bad Wolf, Nude Alpha, and Voodoo… they were all immediately labelled as hype, and written off – until several people stuck through it (including myself) and really got to the nitty gritty of how those products work.

And what happened? The pheromone forums suddenly lit up with conversation and how great these products are… it is extremely important to know that even though they are subjective experiences, that we should all do our own independent testing too.

On another note, I’ve also noticed a lot of bandwagon type behavior online from people who simply take everything someone else says about a product, and then start saying things as fact to other members.

I recall an instance where someone was having great results with Nude Alpha – until somebody posted that it felt too romantic and crushy over the woman that was their intended target… and therefore failed to get them into a relationship.

Was the product at fault? No. It was stated that the product was working for them, until somebody had an issue and they immediately started questioning the effectiveness of the product they were already having success with.

This has happened on numerous occasions – although I still know a few people who have learnt from past mistakes and become far more experienced testers.

Pheromone forums can be a cool place to hang out, just don’t get too caught up in the BS🙂

  • PheroJoe

Difference Between Androstadienone Based Attraction Products Vs Non-Androstadienone

evolveXS-pheromoneXS-reviewOver the last few days, I’ve been busy exposing Uber passengers to pheromones – and specifically, the effects of androstadienone on women.

This is something I’ve suspected for a few months now:

Androstadienone based products work better on more “emotionally mature” women, whereas NO androstadienone works better for less mature women.

Now if you don’t know what androstadienone is, it’s basically one of the most potent pheromones we have at our disposal, and is known for being able to produce those “crushy”, love-in-the-air feelings in women (read more here).

I will be referring to androstadienone as “a1” from here on out, because it’s frustrating typing it over and over again.

But anyway, I wanted to bring this up because since I live close to a university, I run into about 3 or 4 main types of women – but to keep this brief, I’ll limit it to just 2.

Woman type #1: Emotionally immature, most likely in her early to mid 20’s.

Most of the time, you can just tell by the way this type of woman behaves… they’ll usually have a pretty good time flirting with you, but will start to pull away once things start to get to “more than friends” territory. Not as in sexual relationships, but as in emotional depth.

I find that attraction products that are flirty, fun, social, but still have a sexy or sexual edge to them work best such as XiSt, Voodoo, True Love (by True Pheromones) or Nude (they don’t contain a1).

What I’ve found is that androstadienone, or “fallout” type products do work on them – however, they take longer to see effects, and sometimes women may withdraw and then come back a bit later.

(Presumably because they need time to process their feelings.)

For some women who are immature, they may also be attracted to more aggressive or dominant type signatures, but also flaky in a relationship (they just want to have “fun” too). More aggressive products like EvolveXS or even Bad Wolf tend to work better.

Regardless, I believe that the thought of commitment tends to scare them away, but then they also start to crave those feelings of safety, comfort, being energized, or emotionally “protected” by androstadienone wearers… which is when they start to re-insert themselves back into your life.

This is common when I am around women who have a lot of options, and are constantly jumping around from guy to guy (although I think less of these women, once in a while someone might come along to make me go the extra mile).

This also is the perfect time to take things nuclear – and use a killer combo like Nude Alpha + androstadienone to hook them in even more.

Which brings me to the next type of woman.

Woman type #2: Emotionally mature, looking for a relationship. Likely women 25+.

This group of women usually tends to be more reserved than the usual women who are more out there, especially in the younger age range.

They will also respond to mixes that don’t contain a1, but also won’t develop any serious feelings for you (not easily anyway).

And while they do work, what I’ve found is that a1 based mixes tend to work a LOT better on them.

I believe it’s because they are far more receptive to the idea of being in a relationship, and won’t have as many qualms about it as women who are “young and free” and still have to get their shit together.

That’s why it’s important to know who you’re dealing with when you use pheromones on a particular woman, and what your goals are with pheromones.

If you are trying to get an “emotionally mature” woman, using romantic attraction products is ideal… Nude Alpha + a1, Grail Of Affection, Certo, etc.

That is a very basic break down of what I’m seeing after alternating a few times. I also briefly tested “Pheromone Advantage” by a supposed Dr. Amend on a few of my journeys, with little to no results. Be sure to check out the full review, a few interesting things happened after I posted it.

In a few weeks when I’ve gotten more conclusive evidence, I’ll write an article – but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea for now.

Nexus Pheromones: Another Piece Of Shit Pheromone Bites The Dust

nexus-pheromones-scam-reviewNexus Pheromones is another hunk of junk that has been floating around the internet for a few years now, and I’ve decided to write another expose on the scammers behind it.

Originally, I got this product several years ago, before I had become aware of legitimate pheromone vendors.

To be honest, I was expecting at least a little “something” from it, considering JVK  who is a known pheromone researcher and scientist had a part to play in its development (as stated on the Nexus Pheromones) sales page.

However, even with that, the product still blows – it doesn’t do ANYTHING that it promises on the sales page, and even if it did have minor pheromone effects, they were negligible because they were close enough to be placebo, or happen without any additional pheromones.

Like other scams, such as Pherazone, it attempts to use pseudo scientific rubbish to try and sound like it’s some sort of groundbreaking new technology, and they spin the real science into unbelievable proportions.

What really gets my goat about these types of overhyped products, is that there is so much information and research on pheromones out there… yet they fail to use ANY of it to create a halfway decent product.

There are huge molecule summaries (like the one at House Of Pheromones), the ability to order and test pheromones themselves, and a whole community that reports on them which they could also utilize to create a new, awesome product.

But these pheromone vendors are nothing but liars – they will say just about anything in the name of an almighty dollar.

I recommend reading the article above if you have found this product shoved down your throat from their relentless marketing of it.


The truth about Pherazone

pherazone_scamAs you probably know by now, I am definitely not a fan of companies that try to rip people off.

In fact, I have written exposes on a handful of vendors that just take it way too far.

A few months back, I wrote about Pherazone, a company that takes their shilling to the next level… with too much hype, lies, and promises that just aren’t true (and right to your face at that). If that wasn’t bad enough, they’ve even stooped to new lows, and I am on a mission to discredit them every chance I get.

In fact, after thinking about it, I am pretty sure they are the culprits behind the spam my site has gotten over the past couple of months which has been a monumental effort to get rid of.

It’s no surprise, considering this:

Here’s a video I came across recently that just rubbed me the wrong way – again. It’s a fake news report on the product…

Pheromones are powerful, no doubt… but this is straight up scamming people out of their hard earned money. If I can do something about it, I will.

House Of Pheromones has quickly become an authority in the pheromone community, and continues to grow at an outstanding pace… and with this growing platform, it allows me to expose crappy products with lying owners who just won’t stop scamming people.

In fact, they actually had a review from PheromonePro removed, simply because I used their product image. But guess what? Other shill websites that are promoting the product have had their images in tact for over 2 years now… they simply dominate the front page to search results with spam.

Anyway, I don’t want to harp on about this too long – there are a few other products I will be getting to in the near future.

  • PheroJoe

House Of Pheromones Goes Global

house of pheromonesOver the last 2 weeks, I’ve been on a mission to spread the news about House Of Pheromones to people more in the “general” public.

You see, pheromone users make up a fraction of a fraction of the number of people that are interested in these types of products…

The question is why though?

To put it simply, pheromones have just gotten a bad rap over the last decade, with shit vendors like Pherazone, Pherlure, Nexus, and all the rest of these jokers banding together and making up crappy products that only serve to fatten their wallets.

Frankly, it’s just not good enough.

So what exactly have I been doing?

Simply put, I have gone out of my way to spread the news on social platforms like Storify, Jimdo, 500px, Yatedo, Science20, and The purpose behind this is to interact with users of completely different platforms to help them turn on to the idea of pheromones – firstly, by presenting a nice and clean image of what pheromone products can be, and actually are.

For example – what would a “normal” person think if they went to a website about pheromones, and ended up on a page like Pherazone? Not only would they immediately write them off as a load of shit, they would refuse to take anyone talking about pheromones seriously.

There is just not enough time for people to learn about these products and research them, only to end up on fake websites that promote them simply to make commissions off of the products.

That’s why House Of Pheromones is aiming this year to become one of the most sought after resources on the internet regarding pheromone colognes and perfumes. Most of my readers are very clever people – some of them are haters, some are my true fans that came out of this worthy endeaver.

And now it’s time to grow it even further… in the coming few weeks, I expect many readers of my blog to help spread the news, and if you have social profiles on any of these networks to please like and share the message. Pheromones don’t have to be a shady back door kind of thing… it’s because of scam artists that it’s come to this.

House Of Pheromones is going to go very far the rest of this year, and also the coming years as we continue to grow. I’ve also taken the liberty of getting feedback on design platforms like BestCSS, CSSLight, and CSSMix – once they are accepted into these galleries, people can comment and leave feedback. Hopefully, we will be able to improve our user experience over time too as we take all this feedback into consideration.

If you’ve been a reader of House Of Pheromones – I thank you for your patronage and hopefully we can grow this thing together!

Where The House Of Pheromones Is Heading For 2016

houseofpheromonesIf you’re on my list/s, then you know you’ve been getting emails regularly about the happenings at PheromonePro and House Of Pheromones.

There are going to be some serious upgrades this year, and I hope you stick them through with me for the best.

To be quite honest, I never thought that building up a little pheromone site would turn into quite the consuming hobby when I first started.

In fact, it was just a crappy 1 page website with a review on Nude Alpha, that got me started. After a few months of trying to figure out this internet stuff, I started getting comments on the site saying it was a great review, and then I continued adding more content.

After a while, I gained a bit of readership and traction, simply from doing something that I liked doing anyway… a lot of people have tried to discredit me, called me a bullshitter, spam my site.

But here I am, ready for 2016 – and another year of writing, testing, and researching more killer pheromone combos than I can shake a stick at.

Shit, I might even hire out a few trusted testers to help me with content so you can get fresh content regularly.

Anyway, I thought I would post about some of the things I am getting ready to do this year.

Here is just a quick list:

  • More informational pheromone content, and more theoretical posts about my understanding of pheromone technology today. Yes, these will be my thoughts… they might not be scientific, but I have some theories about all sorts of things like why pheromones don’t work for certain people, and why some work for people, while other products work for others, etc.
  • A look into how to create emotional anchors with pheromones and conversion. Yes, I have talked about the “fallout effect” very in depth on the House Of Pheromones site, but I still have not gone into creating content about how to conversate with women on an emotional level. I go into some detail, but there are specifics that will be useful for everyone.
  • More advice on game, how to approach women, and how to develop REAL “inner game” – one that’s not based on hyping yourself up with fake confidence much like the online community seems to think works… no fancy “tricks” to get women to see you as a catch, just raw, primal attraction which you can escalate with these secret tips (not really – it’s actually hard work but definitely doable for every guy).

There’s a lot more, but the next thing I will doing is creating a brand new giveaway which will cover some of the most frequently asked questions I receive on the sites, as well as insanely effective tips for getting women attracted to you quickly.

If you’re not already on the House Of Pheromones list, please head over there and sign up as soon as possible.

Stay tuned,


Aggravation In The Pheromone Community

new pheromone additive reviewOne thing that really annoys me about people is the “crab bucket” programming some people seem to have.

When they feel that others are overtaking them in the game of life, with their financial success, or romantic success, or whatever other else type of success someone might experience.

They come in the form of direct enemies, friends, family members…

You just never know who is secretly rooting for you to fail, while keeping a friendly demeanor to your face.

Last year, I wrote up a review on an Apex product (it was a great product, but I’m not sure if the owner will be making it long term or whether he is just helping out the community at the moment) at pherotruth.

Anyway, out of the blue came “pagodeiro”, a member who I had known for quite a while. I had asked him some pretty basic questions while I was still “green” with my pheromone testing, but as I quickly got the hang of it, I never really contacted him again. Nothing personal, that’s just how it goes… right?

No. Anyway, I forget the dates and timing but I was running pheromone pro at the time — and then he popped up out of NOWHERE and started berating myself, thundr (who owns apex), and claiming I am shilling for him, that we have business arrangements, etc…

This was completely random, uncalled for, and completely untrue. I believe at this point, pago (for short) had become a little bit annoyed that I started my own website. I’m not sure why, my reviews were honest, and quite frankly reflected a lot of what others had said, or later discovered to be true to my own findings. Even today, I continue to review products with great care, and find out all the little details that make them awesome.

I think he thought I was just trying to make a quick buck (which is not possible, considering how much time and effort went into making the website, and afterwards House Of Pheromones)… the amount of money I had made off it was negligible. It barely covered hosting, my time, and effort, and frustration it took to figure out how it works.

After he started going apeshit, I posted a picture of my pheromone collection, pointed out that I was the first to uncover the androstenetrione ingredient that was very likely in the Nude/Nude Alpha formulations, and proved that I was legitimately reviewing the products (note: Liquid Alchemy Labs/Pheromone Perfumes and Colognes now offers a gel version of this product, which I HIGHLY recommend – review coming soon).

Regardless, he carried on like a baby, and got so angry he decided to start pheromone-forum . com (type it in if you want, there’s barely anything worth reading anyway).

About 2 weeks back, someone had posted a link to my website on pheromone forum, which was promptly deleted. The reason? Apparently, House Of Pheromones is a “scam site”… the user had emailed me afterwards asking me whether it was true. I of course replied politely and briefly explained why we had a fallout. Anyway, the guy decided to go back and argue with him some more and even was banned… LOL — another legitimate website. Although it’s mainly for pheromoneXS products, pago decided that it too was a scam, even though they allow free discussion of all vendor products. Even free discussion on vendor policies, like what Androtics Direct has done with A314.

Now, this was over a year after the drama at pherotruth went down. He was still just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

It was kind of annoying, and I wrote an email about it the same day. Basically, he was complaining about several things:

  • That I lied about my age on a few different forums… (yes, I did, because I don’t want exes, current girlfriends, or future girlfriends trying to find out what I’m up to). I don’t like leaving evidence for future employers to find either.
  • That I write “hyped up” reviews which are fake. Umm, no, considering how detailed they are it’s quite hard to come up with a load of shit out of thin air. I have had many very happy users emailing me thanking me for advice and combinations.
  • That I am just trying to make a quick buck. No, if that were true, then I wouldn’t have a huge collection of pheromones, and spend hours upon hours writing quality reviews, only on a handful of great products.
  • That I have no negative reviews. Again, House Of Pheromones is a new website, and content is still underway on all fronts. From informational, to research and technology, to positive and negative pheromone reviews.

That about covers everything I have to say about this guy… quite honestly, I’m stunned that I even bothered, but I feel it’s important to show both side of the story. Some people just don’t like others succeeding, and as you know — these are the kind of people who might be nice to you until you try to leave the “crab bucket”.