Don’t underestimate your natural pheromone power

foods-to-boost-testosterone-and-pheromonesAs a pheromone enthusiast, it’s easy to get caught up in all sorts of crazy pheromone products, combos, single molecules that you want to test out…

… but at the end of the day, that is an external factor, and you can’t rely on them forever.

One of the best ways to boost your production of “natural” pheromones, is by increasing testosterone. I wrote a huge article on all the different ways you can boost your production of testosterone… all the way from lifestyle habits, how to work out, and what kinds of foods to eat and avoid.

As I was doing research on all this, it became so obvious that a lot of things we do can diminish our natural pheromone signatures… and if you want to stay on top of your game, giving yourself an “upgrade” in the natural pheromones department is highly recommended.

Not only will it make you more confident, attractive, and assertive, it can also add a tremendous amount of power to how effective your pheromone products can be.

I did a lot of research into the phenomena, and found out some interesting things too:

There are other factors at play here that can influence the “quality” of your pheromones.

  • Your general “health”. If you are sick or have a chronic illness, this might influence your ability to produce pheromones, or perhaps even create “signals” that you are not an ideal sexual partner. People tend to gravitate towards those who are healthy.
  • Environment. If you are constantly around smokers, fumes, touching chemicals, have poor hygiene, this can also result in lowering the quality of your overall “odor”.
  • Your “baseline” mood and psychological state. It’s true – fear, anxiety, stress can all result in producing a different type of odor than when in a more positive state of mind.

Now you might be wondering – how is this even possible?

Much of this is based on some more technical research I’ve done about how pheromones work.

In particular, some studies I have come across study blind testers ability to differentiate between people who are stressed, or in a more pleasant state of mind.

More often than not, people were able to tell the difference.

There are also studies which indicate that “fear” is a scent, and people were also able to differentiate between this state and more positive states of mind.

The fact is, pheromones are basically just androgens, and we all produce pheromones naturally. We are simply “hacking” our systems to do something that is good for us – increasing our testosterone levels 🙂

The world of dating & beauty catches on to pheromones… end of our “secret” underground world?

pheromonesOver the last few months, pheromones seem to be becoming a more popular topic of discussion, and surprisingly doesn’t seem as “frowned upon” as more people become aware of them…

… I suppose there are simply much bigger issues happening in the world, that it just seems like a ridiculous idea or some funny shit that most people will never ACTUALLY put to the test. Pheromone perfumes and colognes are just something that “weird” people talk about.

Anyway, I think the emergence of pheromone vending machines probably have something to do with it… whenever I bring up pheromones, I always talk about it from the point of a curious person, who saw a vending machine with “pheromone colognes” written on it. I then purchased it, and tried to talk to various women, and that’s where I “realize” that they work. Now, most men have been in this situation before, and its not as creepy as saying that you buy these types of products off the internet and spend a lot of money on them.

But another reason could be that pheromones are just becoming a hot topic in general in world of dating and “beauty” for women. Some beauty blogs have tested pheromones, and even mentioned House Of Pheromones as an inspiration for kicking off their curiosity, which just shows how popular its become outside of the relatively small world of pheromone enthusiasts.

… but it doesn’t stop there either – we’ve even been mentioned on websites such as LifeHack, and — both are huge in the world of news and keeping updated on world events. WORLD events!

Anyway, just wanted to make this quick post for some opinions… what are your thoughts? Would you like pheromones to become a popular item for attracting men or women… or is it something you prefer to keep private, and maintain the upper hand in dating and life?

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Pheromones And Attraction: More Than Meets The Eye!

pheromones-and-attractionPheromones and attraction have been around forever, it was until the last 2-3 decades that research on the topic have really taken place and their intricate nature has been revealed through social experiments, as well as scientifically.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how the 2 are connected, and its become pretty obvious that its a lot more than just “spray them on, and women will come running” (as many men tend to believe, because they’ve been misled by hucksters).

I came up with a pretty long article about pheromones & attraction at House Of Pheromones, which goes in depth to cover many different aspects of attraction. Such as how personality, looks, wealth, and other personal attributes are also large contributing factors.

After using pheromones for almost 5 years now, its become more obvious that its not just about your pheromones, but the “whole package” (which is what the article is really about).

Frankly, its quite irritating to see how many people really get sucked in to pheromone world, thinking that its a magical piece that they’ve been missing this whole time… sorry, but men have been attracting women before pheromones were even a “thing”. Yes, we can “Turn Up The Heat” with or without pheromones… but pheromones stoke it into a blazing inferno…

Its also why adjusting your game, and choosing the right pheromone products can go a very long way towards your success with women.

A lot of men get the idea that “one size fits all”, which is simply not the case.

For example, targeting younger women can be  bit more complicated than it actually seems, because even though the products may work well… it also creates additional challenges, especially if products are more geared towards seduction.

The reason is that sexual products tend to contain a lot more “alpha” and “sexual” type molecules such as androsterone and androstenone. I recently had a kid email me (who was high school age), and was failing to get results, specifically because he was not prepared to handle the type of effects that come from these pheromones – women were intimidated, and it doesn’t help that hormones are flying up and down with kids his age.

Anyway, it’s almost time to wrap up 2016, and all the crazy shit that went down this year! Some of it due to pheromones, and some not… for example, over the last month I have received about 6 offers for me to review pheromone products, all from obvious scam sites.

There’s no doubt there will be a few new products popping up here and there over time.

But it’s all one and the same – they are usually created by people who are just interested in making a buck.

Every time I visit someones website to see if their product might be worth checking out, there is usually nothing that piques my interest as an enthusiast…

… but there are almost ALWAYS things that make me roll my eyes.

Once in a while, I’ll see something that even makes my eye twitch because I can’t believe some of the idiotic things that the sales pages say…

… things like having an unlimited number of women just dying to meet you as soon as you douse yourself in their magical pheromone elixir.

… you get the point.

I could normally go off on a rant, but I felt the need to update you again before things get moving on the House Of Pheromones site again.

Stay tuned,

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Pheromone Forums: Before You Join, Read This

pheromone-forumPheromone forums, and forums in general can be fantastic sources for information on just about anything these days.

The internet has opened up an incredible era where users from almost every nook and cranny of the world can chime in with all sorts of information… the question is, how much should rely on them for CREDIBLE sources of information?

I should note here that I am specifically talking about any pheromone forum – not forums related to other things because every community is different.

The reason is that pheromones are extremely subjective – we are all posting about personal experiences, and collectively gathering information to come to conclusions about products.

But where it all seems to go wrong is that BECAUSE of how subjective pheromones are, they are especially prone to (mis)interpretation.

In some cases, I have seen people create waves of misinformation simply by one member posting results that may be extremely positive or extremely negative, and immediately turn off countless other members from trying a certain pheromone molecule or maybe even a product.

This has happened in the past where people didn’t understand the purpose of products like Bad Wolf, Nude Alpha, and Voodoo… they were all immediately labelled as hype, and written off – until several people stuck through it (including myself) and really got to the nitty gritty of how those products work.

And what happened? The pheromone forums suddenly lit up with conversation and how great these products are… it is extremely important to know that even though they are subjective experiences, that we should all do our own independent testing too.

On another note, I’ve also noticed a lot of bandwagon type behavior online from people who simply take everything someone else says about a product, and then start saying things as fact to other members.

I recall an instance where someone was having great results with Nude Alpha – until somebody posted that it felt too romantic and crushy over the woman that was their intended target… and therefore failed to get them into a relationship.

Was the product at fault? No. It was stated that the product was working for them, until somebody had an issue and they immediately started questioning the effectiveness of the product they were already having success with.

This has happened on numerous occasions – although I still know a few people who have learnt from past mistakes and become far more experienced testers.

Pheromone forums can be a cool place to hang out, just don’t get too caught up in the BS 🙂

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Difference Between Androstadienone Based Attraction Products Vs Non-Androstadienone

evolveXS-pheromoneXS-reviewOver the last few days, I’ve been busy exposing Uber passengers to pheromones – and specifically, the effects of androstadienone on women.

This is something I’ve suspected for a few months now:

Androstadienone based products work better on more “emotionally mature” women, whereas NO androstadienone works better for less mature women.

Now if you don’t know what androstadienone is, it’s basically one of the most potent pheromones we have at our disposal, and is known for being able to produce those “crushy”, love-in-the-air feelings in women (read more here).

I will be referring to androstadienone as “a1” from here on out, because it’s frustrating typing it over and over again.

But anyway, I wanted to bring this up because since I live close to a university, I run into about 3 or 4 main types of women – but to keep this brief, I’ll limit it to just 2.

Woman type #1: Emotionally immature, most likely in her early to mid 20’s.

Most of the time, you can just tell by the way this type of woman behaves… they’ll usually have a pretty good time flirting with you, but will start to pull away once things start to get to “more than friends” territory. Not as in sexual relationships, but as in emotional depth.

I find that attraction products that are flirty, fun, social, but still have a sexy or sexual edge to them work best such as XiSt, Voodoo, True Love (by True Pheromones) or Nude (they don’t contain a1).

What I’ve found is that androstadienone, or “fallout” type products do work on them – however, they take longer to see effects, and sometimes women may withdraw and then come back a bit later.

(Presumably because they need time to process their feelings.)

For some women who are immature, they may also be attracted to more aggressive or dominant type signatures, but also flaky in a relationship (they just want to have “fun” too). More aggressive products like Evolve-XS or even Bad Wolf tend to work better.

Regardless, I believe that the thought of commitment tends to scare them away, but then they also start to crave those feelings of safety, comfort, being energized, or emotionally “protected” by androstadienone wearers… which is when they start to re-insert themselves back into your life.

This is common when I am around women who have a lot of options, and are constantly jumping around from guy to guy (although I think less of these women, once in a while someone might come along to make me go the extra mile).

This also is the perfect time to take things nuclear – and use a killer combo like Nude Alpha + androstadienone to hook them in even more.

Which brings me to the next type of woman.

Woman type #2: Emotionally mature, looking for a relationship. Likely women 25+.

This group of women usually tends to be more reserved than the usual women who are more out there, especially in the younger age range.

They will also respond to mixes that don’t contain a1, but also won’t develop any serious feelings for you (not easily anyway).

And while they do work, what I’ve found is that a1 based mixes tend to work a LOT better on them.

I believe it’s because they are far more receptive to the idea of being in a relationship, and won’t have as many qualms about it as women who are “young and free” and still have to get their shit together.

That’s why it’s important to know who you’re dealing with when you use pheromones on a particular woman, and what your goals are with pheromones.

If you are trying to get an “emotionally mature” woman, using romantic attraction products is ideal… Nude Alpha + a1, Grail Of Affection, Certo, etc.

That is a very basic break down of what I’m seeing after alternating a few times. I also briefly tested “Pheromone Advantage” by a supposed Dr. Amend on a few of my journeys, with little to no results. Be sure to check out the full review, a few interesting things happened after I posted it.

In a few weeks when I’ve gotten more conclusive evidence, I’ll write an article – but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea for now.

Nexus Pheromones: Another Piece Of Shit Pheromone Bites The Dust

nexus-pheromones-scam-reviewNexus Pheromones is another hunk of junk that has been floating around the internet for a few years now, and I’ve decided to write another expose on the scammers behind it.

Originally, I got this product several years ago, before I had become aware of legitimate pheromone vendors.

To be honest, I was expecting at least a little “something” from it, considering JVK  who is a known pheromone researcher and scientist had a part to play in its development (as stated on the Nexus Pheromones) sales page.

However, even with that, the product still blows – it doesn’t do ANYTHING that it promises on the sales page, and even if it did have minor pheromone effects, they were negligible because they were close enough to be placebo, or happen without any additional pheromones.

Like other scams, such as Pherazone, it attempts to use pseudo scientific rubbish to try and sound like it’s some sort of groundbreaking new technology, and they spin the real science into unbelievable proportions.

What really gets my goat about these types of overhyped products, is that there is so much information and research on pheromones out there… yet they fail to use ANY of it to create a halfway decent product.

There are huge molecule summaries (like the one at House Of Pheromones), the ability to order and test pheromones themselves, and a whole community that reports on them which they could also utilize to create a new, awesome product.

But these pheromone vendors are nothing but liars – they will say just about anything in the name of an almighty dollar.

I recommend reading the article above if you have found this product shoved down your throat from their relentless marketing of it.


The truth about Pherazone

pherazone_scamAs you probably know by now, I am definitely not a fan of companies that try to rip people off.

In fact, I have written exposes on a handful of vendors that just take it way too far.

A few months back, I wrote about Pherazone, a company that takes their shilling to the next level… with too much hype, lies, and promises that just aren’t true (and right to your face at that). If that wasn’t bad enough, they’ve even stooped to new lows, and I am on a mission to discredit them every chance I get.

In fact, after thinking about it, I am pretty sure they are the culprits behind the spam my site has gotten over the past couple of months which has been a monumental effort to get rid of.

It’s no surprise, considering this:

Here’s a video I came across recently that just rubbed me the wrong way – again. It’s a fake news report on the product…

Pheromones are powerful, no doubt… but this is straight up scamming people out of their hard earned money. If I can do something about it, I will.

House Of Pheromones has quickly become an authority in the pheromone community, and continues to grow at an outstanding pace… and with this growing platform, it allows me to expose crappy products with lying owners who just won’t stop scamming people.

In fact, they actually had a review from PheromonePro removed, simply because I used their product image. But guess what? Other shill websites that are promoting the product have had their images in tact for over 2 years now… they simply dominate the front page to search results with spam.

Anyway, I don’t want to harp on about this too long – there are a few other products I will be getting to in the near future.

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